The top leading fashion brands for the year 2014

fashion brands

Yes, we live in a world where fashion is gradually taking the front stance. Every day we see men and women dress up in different attires, shoes, watches and jewelries all of different brands. These brands strife very hard to be the best by hiring the best workforce and effectively putting to use their resources in an attempt to outrank their rivals and competitors. Here on, we have selected and publish the best fashion brands for the year 2014. The list of top performing brands cuts across different fashion accessories including watches, shoes for both guys and ladies, sunglasses, ladies handbags and lots of other fashion accessory attires.

Now why do we do this? We believe that our readers have the right to know what brands in the fashion industry is currently taking the industry by storm and thus be educated on which is the best and leading company to invest in. the welfare of our esteemed readers comes first and for that reason we have decided to research and publish what the leading brand names for diamonds silver as well as silver jewelries including other dress accessories are for 2014.

And now unto the good stuff!

Top 3 fashion brands in wrist watches

Our first point of call is in the timepiece industry. Under this section, you will get to know what the leading names in the timepiece industry are and hopefully after reading, you will be better informed and educated on which watch brands to patronize.


No doubt Citizen Watch Company is a name that is not only reputable and popular but also a watch brand that has a home in the heart of most if not all watch collectors. Their best watches under 500 dollars price tag categories are not only well priced and affordable for an average American to acquire but also sturdily designed and well equipped with modern features and add-ons for more accurate time tracking. Some of these watches from Citizen can be mistaken to be in the ranges of the more pricey luxury watches like Rolex, Tag Huer and the likes. Over the years in their production of watches for both men and women, they have backed some awards including the most innovative and technological brand, the Company with the highest number of watches in production and more recently their Eco drive watches which is a technology that generate power used in powering and running the watch from sunlight has launch Citizen in to the limelight of fame and prestige.

Hamilton Brand

The second contender is the leading aviation and military watch Brand Company. Hamilton is known for their cutting edge features and designs as seen in their popular military and pilot timepieces. In time past, the Company secured a deal to be the exclusive supplier of watches to the US Army.

Tisott Watch Company

Finally on our list top ranking fashion brands in watches is the Tisott Brand. It is a Chinese company that was first founded my father and Son and has since been employing the services of expert technicians and Engineers which have been the brain behind the cool and classic dressy watches the Company keeps rolling out year after year. They are particularly known for their high-end yet very durable dressy watches.

High Ranking Fashion Brands in Apparel Industry

Shifting from timepiece to the apparel industry, the leading names are…

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Inc. is the well-known fashion house situated in America with it’s headquarter at Midtown Manhattan, New York City that deals solely on apparel. The company was founded by Calvin Klein and named after him. The company is currently owned by Phillips-Van Heusen. The brand is currently worth about 1.8 billion US dollars.


Second is the popular name Gucci which has earned its place on the pyramid of fame in the apparel sector. It was founded way back in the 1920s by Guccio Gucci in a small shopping area at Florence but today has grown to be one of the most respected brands in the clothing industry.